Siding & Gutter Repair & Installation

For 40 years, BGC has been your premier roofing contractor. We offer a wide range of roofing services, including gutter and siding services. If you have a vision for your home’s roofing or siding, we can help you achieve it.

Siding services

Siding Services

Siding allows homeowners to beautify their properties as well as protect them from the elements while requiring minimal care and maintenance.

We offer a range of different grades of vinyl siding in a broad choice of different styles, colors and textures, allowing you to choose a solution that bests suits your home.

Your crew did a great job in the tear-off of the old shingles, the installation of the new shingles, and the clean-up after everything was completed. I haven't found any nails or debris in the yard since the job was finished - - this is important since we have a dog and two children who play in the back yard.

I especially want to mention that it was great working with you personally from the beginning of the job to the end - - you explained things very clearly, gave us a lot of options, made sure that the job was done in a timely and high quality way, and helped us work effectively with our insurance company on the financial side of things.

Stevens S. Smith
Residential Roofing

Gutter Services

A good gutter system is essential to any home since it helps to protect your roof, which in turn protects your entire property.

We can provide completely new gutters, retrofit existing gutters to improve performance or install water deflectors to help ensure that water flows optimally through them in order to minimize the risk of overflow.

Gutter services

We provide superior protection for your home with the following features:

  • Seamless: our rain gutters are seamless, meaning they are less likely to develop leaks.
  • Custom-made: our rain gutters will be fabricated on site for the best look and performance.
  • Gutter guards: our rain gutter services include gutter guards, to keep them free of debris.
  • Custom colors: chose from a number of color options to match your home, including copper.

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