Why remove the snow or ice from my roof?

Remove snow from your roofKeeping your roof free of snow and ice is essential to preventing ice dams from forming on your roof. Ice dams can lead to serious leaks and water damage.

Ice dams are unable to form without snow. By keeping your roof free of snow, you are far more likely to prevent your roof from leaking and causing water damage.

Snow on your roof can also put a tremendous amount of stress due to the weight. As a rule of thumb, one square-foot of snow that’s one-inch in depth weighs about a pound. If your roof has 12 inches of snow on it, that could easily amount to thousands of pounds of stress on your roof. This does not include the weight of ice dams that may be present, which can also weigh thousands of pounds.

How do I know when roof snow removal is necessary? 

It really depends on the design and roof, but a good rule of thumb is to have your roof cleared after 4 inches of snowfall. If you take the proper preventative maintenance like keeping your roof clear of snow,  you won’t have to deal with ice dams which can be costly and lead to serious damage.

Every roof is different, so if you have any specific concerns about your roof you can call us at (866) 642-5600.

Roof Snow RemovalHow much does snow weigh? 

A one-inch layer of water or ice weighs approximately five lbs. per square foot. A roof designed for a 20 lb. per square foot snow load could theoretically hold up to four inches of ice. How much snow is that? Meteorologists estimate that about 12 inches of snow is equivalent to one inch of water, which means a roof can hold up to four feet of snow.

Wet and packed snow weighs more, so a roof with a load of wet snow or packed snow might only to be able to handle up to three feet of snow.

How can I tell if my roof has too much snow on it? 

If your roof has too much weight on it and becomes over-stressed, here some indicators that you can use to know:

  • You notice sagging ceiling tiles or boards or ceiling tiles start to fall out of the grid system.
  • Overhead sprinkler lines/heads begin to sag
  • You can hear popping, cracking or creaking noises
  • Cracks or splits are seen in wood members
  • Cracks or splits can be seen in the masonry walls.

How do I get snow removed from my roof? 

That’s easy – just give us a call at (866) 642-5600 and we will be happy to remove the snow from your roof. You can count on Buckshot General Contracting to be reliable, punctual, and professional.