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Hail Damage Roof RepairHail storm can cause severe damage to not only your roof, but also your home. It’s easy to see the damage on the windows and the siding while on the ground, however, it is not as easy to see the damage on the roof.

And if you are not sure of what exactly to look for, you may end up with a whole big problem.

When a huge windstorm or large amounts of hail fall in an area, they can cause a lot of damage to the homes in that area in just a matter of hours. If this damage is not repaired quickly, mold, water damage and other property damage can happen.

Roof Damage? Call Now For a Free Storm Damage Inspection

Our roofing company fully understands the urgency required, and we have a special emergency response team which is ready and prepared to venture into any storm damaged area quickly.

We also work alongside various insurance company partners in order to help home owners get their house roofs back in the right shape, and have a proper shelter above their heads.

Our home inspectors will evaluate the roof damages, work with the home owners and adjusters in order to get the approval to move on forwards. Moreover, our installation teams basically pull their supplies from our various regional distribution points so as to offer our clients the quickest turnaround possible.

Common Signs of Storm Damage On Your Roof

With hail and storm damage, you’ll see tiny granules of the roof missing. In due time, the roof damage may get progressively worse which in turn shortens the lifespan. Eventually the roof may end up leaking.

As a matter of fact, even if the roof got minimal damage, you have a valid insurance claim which you need to file with your particular insurance company.

Roof damages that are caused by hail storm may not cause the roof to actually leak for years, and this is what makes it rather critical to have somebody who’s qualified thoroughly inspect the roof sooner than later.

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We provide everyone with an absolutely free inspection and a complete roof damage assessment. In addition, we offer our clients the help and the best assistance needed to maneuver through their insurance claim procedures.

Our specialized teams will fully inspect your home for all types of damage, and then evaluate the appropriate, and the best maintenance and repairs needed to resolve all the problems with the damaged roof. Call us now at (866) 642-5600.