Providing Fast, Effective Emergency Roof Repairs for Wind, Hail and Other Storm Damage

roofing-repair-services No homeowner ever wants to experience any roofing emergency. However, sometimes Mother Nature has different plans. In case of a roofing emergency, it is important to get professional repairs quickly in order to prevent further damages to the inside of your home.

Our professional roofers are always ready with the equipment and expertise needed to effectively and quickly repair all kinds of roof leaks and damages. As a leading roofing company, our roofers are well versed with all types of roofing materials and they are capable of solving any problem that you might have.

Common Causes of Roofing Emergencies Are:

  • Storm Damage – Wind & Hail Damage
  • Delayed maintenance as well as natural wear due to extreme weather conditions
  • High winds which tear off shingles and roof decking
  • Improper roof installation practices
  • Flashing failures at the roof penetrations (around vent stacks, chimneys, etc)

Why Choose Us For Your Emergency Roof Repair?

Our Team

Our great team of committed professionals has been our driving force behind the continued success. Every member of the team is indispensable and any service that we offer would not be complete without having their contribution.

Great Value and Outstanding Services

All our services at are being offered at the very competitive prices in the industry. We are committed to all of our loyal customers by offering quality roofing services on each and every project.

On Time Services

We work hard to ensure that our crew is on time for all emergency roof repair appointments. Once we get a call or email, you can be assured that our team will respond within the shortest time possible.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Our company is fully licensed and all our roofers are qualified to deal with all types of roofs. As a result, when you choose Buckshot General Contracting for your roof repair emergencies, you are guaranteed to get quality roofing at an affordable price.

Emergency Roof Replacement

roof-repairIf you have severe damage to your roof and know you will need a new roof, Buckshot General Contracting to help you work with your insurance company to ensure your claim is handled and your roof is replaced.

Buckshot General Contracting is happy to help you find the best roof that fits your needs.

The main types of roofing that we offer are: Wood shingles and shakes, Metal roofs, Asphalt Shingles, Tile, Slate and Concrete roofs

Emergency Roof Repairs – Roof Leak Repair

We are your top choice emergency roofing company for all types of roof repair services. We can even fix the most complicated roof leaks.

If your roof is leaking, you should act fast to get it repaired. By doing this you will avoid additional roof problems and water damage to the property in your home or business.

If you are having roof leaks, call us at (866) 642-5600 for a free estimate.